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Saturday/Sunday Line-up

Before You Go with Nicole Franklin & Bryant Monteith

Before You Go with Nicole Franklin & Bryant Monteilh

Saturday & Sunday 6AM-7AM
From Queen Latifah’s former piano teacher to a baseball star who skipped the Negro Leagues and made history with NASA, empowering stories from 100-year-old guests that are both entertaining and revealing. Join hosts Nicole Franklin and Bryant Monteilh for first-person accounts to history.

Urban Family Focus with Jerrold Smith

Urban Family Focus with Jerrold Smith

Saturday & Sunday 7AM-8AM
A spiritual and scientific evidence-based talk show focusing on issues that affect our community that are not always openly and honestly discussed amongst urban families hosted by Jerrold Smith.

Black Lives Matter Show

BLM’s This Is Not A Drill

Saturday & Sunday 8AM-10AM
“There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Black Lives Matter Los Angeles will anchor the weekends on KBLA Talk 1580, hosting its own weekly show to bring vital resources and information to the beloved community. The whole world has heard the loud clamor of their unparalleled public outcry for social justice. Now, listeners can tune in weekly for updates and marching orders.

Areva Martin Out Loud

Areva Martin Out Loud

Saturday & Sunday 10AM-11AM
Hosted by civil rights attorney, author and legal analyst, Areva Martin Out Loud delivers bold ideas, unfiltered opinions, and debate that inspires actions. Areva brings together the people and perspectives that matter in the moment; thought leaders, thinkers, disruptors and change-makers on issues of race, justice, gender, identity, disability and other pressing issues of the day.

Legal Lens with Angela Reddock-Wright

Legal Lens with Angela Reddock-Wright

Saturday & Sunday 11AM-12N
Hosted by attorney and mediator Angela Reddock-Wright, this weekly show features some of the nation’s top attorneys, legislators, policy and changemakers. Angela moderates a dialogue of hot-button political, economic, social, and cultural issues seen through a legal lens that can help fellow citizens better understand what’s at stake and how best to use their agency.

Urban Wellness NOW! with Cynthia Brooks

Urban Wellness NOW! with Cynthia Brooks

Saturday & Sunday 12N-1PM
Wellness is not just healthcare, although that is a big part. Wellness means safe outdoor spaces, more economic opportunities in indigenous neighborhoods, job training, better schools, accessible transportation, and access to healthy food. Urban Wellness NOW! will feature a variety of people who are working to uplift the community – nonprofits, faith-based institutions, social and civic organizations, for profits and individuals. This show will shed light on all the resources the community has that enables it to become well.

The Back Story with Mischa Duffie

The Back Story with Mischa Duffie

Saturday & Sunday 1PM-2PM
Every story has a story…a back story. Why this book with this title? Why this movie with these characters? Why this song with these lyrics? What about this topic commanded an op-ed? The Back Story explores the creative reckoning of writers and celebrates the power of words and those who write them while elevating how stories cultivate connection and purpose.

Café Mocha

Café Mocha

Saturday & Sunday 2PM-3PM
Hosts YoYo, Loni Love and Angelique Perrin bring their own distinct points of view on contemporary issues, along with social commentary, celebrity interviews and inspirational self-help advice.

The Sweet Spot with Angelique Francis

Living in the Sweet Spot with Angelique Francis

Saturday & Sunday 3PM-4PM
True stories from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Stories of thriving, surviving and growing. From heartbreaks and failures to triumphs and leaps of faith, authentic stories told by unapologetically bold overcomers.


KBLA’s Lyric Lounge with Tosha, Teal and Ural

Saturday & Sunday 4PM-5PM
Music makes the world go round, and we all love song lyrics. Each week Tosha, Teal and Ural dissect and debate the lyrics of the songs on the soundtrack of our lives. From R&B to Reggae, Hip-Hop to Jazz, Gospel to Country, Blues to Rock, Soul to Folk, they love lyrics and breaking them down.


Kraig Facts with Kraig Smith

Saturday & Sunday 5PM-6PM
When a bunch of hilarious, quick-witted, blue-collar guys from various neighborhoods in Los Angeles come together to talk about life, the outcome is genuine comedic gold. Kraig and his crew tackle topics ranging from sports, music, entertainment, politics, race, gender and more to leave you informed, and in stitches! With an impressive rolodex of personalities at Kraig’s disposal, you never know who will stop by for an intriguing conversation.

State of the Black Union

The Best of State of the Black Union

Saturday & Sunday 6PM-12M
Viewed by millions in America and around the world, State of the Black Union was an annual gathering of the best and brightest minds in Black America. The yearly symposium featured thought leaders, opinion makers and influencers in deep dialogue about issues of particular relevance to the African American community. For 12 consecutive years, a veritable Who’s Who of prominent Black voices appeared on stage, with C-SPAN broadcasting the gathering live each year during February, Black History Month. Each weekend, exclusively on KBLA Talk 1580, listeners will be empowered and challenged by a rich dialogue that reminds us all that Black progress will not roll in on the wheels of inevitability.

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