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KBLAENLIGHTENS – We are engagement radio, not outrage radio. Our station fosters an enlightening, sustainable, and restorative language that challenges listeners to reexamine the assumptions they hold, and expand their inventory of ideas. We are unapologetically progressive, but we prefer good ideas over ideology. Our guests and listeners share the wisdom of a lived experience that serves to enlighten others. Because our audience is so diverse, each day is like a live town hall meeting over the airwaves. If you want to know what the citizenry is really thinking, meet us in the public square at KBLA Talk 1580. The KBLA App is in your hands wherever you go; it’s easy to use and best of all it’s FREE!

KBLAEMPOWERS – We are a progressive radio station uniquely, specifically, and unapologetically geared towards African Americans and other listeners of color; soon to be the majority in America. What can a Blues nation learn from a Blues people? This season of political polarization and racial reckoning has made dramatically clear the deepening political, social, cultural and economic divide across America. Black folks and other people of color have always been the conscience of this country. Now, more than ever, the nation would do well to hear the voices of those who have learned to love America in spite of, not because of; fellow citizens who have never given up on this democratic experience.

KBLAENCOURAGES – We provide a platform, 24/7, for folk to express their fears and frustrations, as well as their hopes and aspirations. Fellow citizens need a safe space where they feel comfortable expressing themselves. A space where their views will not be disparaged, dismissed, or demeaned. A station where the hosts look like you, live near you, and value what you value. Our station aims to take more listener phone calls than any other talk station serving the Southern California region. We believe in dialogue, not monologue. We believe that what comes from the heart, reaches the heart. When one listener hears another listener boldly share feelings and concerns similar to their own, that’s what we call making connection; that’s what we call building community.

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Easily some of the most compelling and informative panel discussions you can find ANYWHERE.

"Viewed by millions in America and around the world, 'State of the Black Union' was an annual gathering of the best and brightest minds in Black America.

The yearly symposium featured thought leaders, opinion makers and influencers in deep dialogue about issues of particular relevance to the African American community.

For 12 consecutive years, a veritable Who’s Who of prominent Black voices appeared on stage, with C-SPAN broadcasting the gathering live each year during February, Black History Month.

Each weekend, exclusively on KBLA Talk 1580, listeners will be empowered and challenged by a rich dialogue that reminds us all that Black progress will not roll in on the wheels of inevitability."

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It's "The State of the Black Union."
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"Unapologetically Progressive" Black-owned Talk Radio.

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