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Comedian, radio and music producer Brian Babylon hosts “The Babylon Beat” a 3-hour late night program that blends original beats and grooves with current events, local and global news and a diverse collective of co-hosts. Each day’s program will be shaped by a particular focus including MixUp Monday, Tech Tuesday, Feminism Wednesday, and Holla For Hollywood Thursday. Babylon will create engaging modules that allow for audience participation beyond the typical call-in segment.

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A Millennial Disconnect:
"STOP trying to compare Drake to Michael Jackson. It's EMBARRASSING."

I had something else planned entirely today, but since the embers are still smoldering, I figured we might as well jump into the discussion ourselves.

I was scratching my head yesterday…
When I saw none other than Drake and Michael Jackson…
Side-by-side on a post from The Shade Room...
With a caption that almost made me choke on my own saliva. The caption read…

“Is Drake in 2021 BIGGER than Michael Jackson at his peak?”

The Shade Room Instagram Page must have been hacked because there is NO way on God’s Green Earth that THIS generation is comparing the Rapper Drake (who I admit is a legend in his own right) to easily THE MOST ELECTRIFYING ARTIST IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC.


But the shortsightedness of Millennials and their attempts at revisionist history are just a microcosm of a LARGER issue that all falls on the shoulders of ONE segment of the population... US.

Generation X is to blame.
In more aspects of their lives than you know.
I'll explain.

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